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MTB and Roadies - 2018

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Re: MTB and Roadies - 2018

Postby oldschool » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:19 am

Here's a super stupid question that maybe I could just put to my local bike shop as I'm sure they'll have the answer - had a flat couple months ago and changed out the tires since but the old set of tires (not tubes) is still good and actually I think I prefer them (they are Specialized Espoirs 30s vs the All Conditions 28s which I'm rolling now). As we took off the wheel and tire we saw that there were a few cuts through the outer tire - like 3-4 small perforations - presumably from missing something and running over it. Tube was changed out but I'm wondering if there is something like a metalized tape or the like that can be put onto the inside of the tire to help make sure another something is less likely to hit one of those holes (unlikely as it is). Suppose that duct tape might do the job but I was wondering if there wasn't something that was a little more penetration resistant that people sometimes use.

As to which rolls easier - the Espoirs are basically slicks with a slightly flatter center/top and the All Conditions have a little tread - not sure but I think they make for more rolling resistance because of that. Also, I actually like the way the 30s handle stones on dirt roads a little better than the 28s and the ride is, I think, a little softer -- "plush" as my bike shop dude likes to say
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Re: MTB and Roadies - 2018

Postby RobRox » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:24 pm

Armadillos in 28c are 80 grams lighter than the Espoirs in 30c, each. Both have built in flat protection and both have an abysmal 60tpi casing.

Armadillo Elites have 120tpi and roll a lot nicer, are lighter by 50g and have flat protection

Turbo Cottons have 320tpi and roll even nicer, are lighter by 40g and have flat protection...30 dollar price premium over ordinary Armadillos.

I'm rolling the Conti GP 4-Seasons in 28c, at 330tpi. way nicer than the 60tpi Espoirs that I started with and very nice on reasonable dirt roads.
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Re: MTB and Roadies - 2018

Postby Pinnah » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:18 pm

Oldschool, when I used to tour, I carried an oval cut out from a tubular sidewall. Inner tube pressure is enough to keep it stable. A dollar bill or a cut down dollar bill will also work due to the high linen content. So long as the tire isn't deforming under pressure you can squeeze out a lot of miles out of a tire with a minor cut.
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Re: MTB and Roadies - 2018

Postby Go Fish » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:53 pm

Just went for a "quick lunch ride" with a group from my office. All of them were late 20's to early 30's...I think it may have been a mistake. We did just over 20 miles in just under an hour and it was all I could do to keep up, even while hanging out in the middle of the group catching a big fat draft. There is no doubt in my mind that my body is going to punish me for this little bout of stupidity.

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Re: MTB and Roadies - 2018

Postby benny » Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:34 am

A couple Saturdays ago 5 of us did I really nice ride in the Greens. It was the Saturday after Labor Day and was unseasonably cold. The day time high might have hit hit 60f, and it was much cooler on top of the gaps.

Ernie, TS01 and I pedaled south on rt 100 from Warren Falls. We met Mike and Rich en route down in Hancock. From there we continued south to Rochester and then over the Brandon Gap. We rode north along Lake Dunmore and crossed back over the Greens on the Middlebury Gap. As luck would have it, there was delicious beer awaiting in my car at Warren Falls on the return. Beer and an icy cold swim after 73 miles in the saddle are wonderful things.

TS01, Mike, Ernie & yours truly at the meet up in Hancock

Rich & Mike topping out on the Brandon Gap.

Rich, me & TS01 at the Ripton Country store. It's an iconic spot on the west side of the Middlebury Gap.

Catching a breath high on the Middlebury Gap.
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