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Re: conditions?

Postby Go Fish » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:00 pm

I'll have to assess in the morning but it looks like we ended up with 20" or so.

The hill was really fun tonight!
Go Fish
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Re: conditions?

Postby oldschool » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:50 am

Glad you Boston folk are getting your fair share in your backyard.

Spent the last couple days with my son skiing Gore, Cascade XC in Lake Placid and then Whiteface yesterday. Started at Gore on Sunday - the crappy weather and later season has thinned out the numbers of folks quite a bit for weekend days. Picked Sunday to go since the afternoon is often nice as some of the families pack up the kiddos early and leave. First day in the new Scarpa T2s - a bit painful as the liners are still breaking in on the shins. The real funny part was the first 3 runs or so in the AM while they flexed in and I got used to them compared to the leather Merrell Comps I've been on for so long. At first I wondered if I would be able to do anything more than awkwardly parallel blue squares for most of the day - soon enough though they flexed in and the fun began. Great day of skiing with solid conditions on much of the mountain and better than we had been expecting in some places. Drove up to Lake Placid that evening and grabbed dinner at Lisa G's in town with my son. Nice end to the day.

Next day I had the Cascade XC ski center shop mount a pair of Rottefella super tele bindings I had onto a pair of waxless E99s I had picked up a few years ago but was too chicken/lazy to mount myself without a jig. Also demo'd some backcountry skis on their trails. Tried out Fisher E109s and kind of liked them. For those of you who are a little lighter, they also have an Alpina "woody" waxable version of a ski that I think was called the Redtail or something like that. Double camber toury kind of ski that is available up to 190. The shop there currently has them on sale for 40% off so they run about $150. They are likely to close around April 1 or before though for the season. Enjoyed touring on the trails there with my son - conditions were great and the shop is an excellent one with a big selection of gear for XC and some simple backcountry oriented tele. Also you can stay for really cheap at the "dorms" which are downstairs and there's a lunch space with craft beer and chili in the same building - heaven!

Hit Whiteface yesterday with my son - conditions were outstanding - about 6 inches plus of powder and maybe more - snowed all day and there were some deep powder sections we found too. Just an excellent day and the conditions there are really prime right now. Mid-week is also a huge plus as not very many folks. Long drive home last night but great trip.
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Re: conditions?

Postby telehubby » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:40 pm

Yeah, I'd say conditions have improved some over the last 10 days.

All it took was everyone giving up on winter in February and BOOM. We're in snow again.


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Re: conditions?

Postby capecodtele » Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:34 pm

Current Conditions......as of March 25/26

Went to Mad River on Sunday to try to get in on some of this great March snow...great coverage there, lots of snow everywhere and no bare spots or icy areas. I have never seen the bumps so big ever. Skied Lynx and Partridge and the bumps were so big they were like skiing over Volkswagen bugs....same thing on lower Antelope..mega sized bumps. I was completely shot by the end of the day. It was pretty crowded for a Sunday in late March. Should be good for another week at least and with the warming temps, should start to corn up later in the mornings.

Monday I went over to the RASTA Brandon Gap area to do some skinning and skiing. First time there and I really like that place. They have put together some really nice gladed areas that can be accessed from two parking lots on Rt 73 in Rochester. The snow coverage was still excellent and the skin track was perfect although a little slippy early in the day. The snow in the woods was still soft and was still powdery in untouched areas that you could hit on the sides of the gladed areas. Took about an hour to skin up at a leisurely pace and then about 15 minutes to ski down. About 1200 vertical of continuous nice glades in the area I skied. Lots more to explore there. Get there to check it out if you have a chance...should still be good through this weekend as far as coverage is concerned
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Re: conditions?

Postby Dirk » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:04 am

Spring skiing is here, and I'm looking forward to working it right through the traditional end of my season, which tends to be on or around Drinko de Mayo. Yesterday was Easter, and while I'm not the churchgoing type, I did skin up to the mountain chapel as a nod to the Baby Jesus. Of course, I had a beer while I was there, so I'm not sure if it counted. Happy spring everyone.

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