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skis - one can dream I guess

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skis - one can dream I guess

Postby oldschool » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:27 pm

Not sure my wife will allow both boots and skis in one year, but just in case and to help inform my looking:

I'm 5' 9" and around 235 at the moment. Been skiing old K2 Piste Pipes which are about 75 mm under foot and 183 twin tips. I can manage them pretty well in all but the most nasty moguls and that management should be improving shortly as I just finally sprang for a pair of T2 Ecos to drive them (R8 bindings).

Those skis are alright but seem just a bit dated and perhaps on the heavy side. On Sunday I was riding the lift with a guy who was on K2 Pinnacles 95/177s. He was taller than me. They looked like a nice ski and he said he lives in Craftsbury and picked them up at a shop in Rutland that is the tele focused place on the recommendation of the owner. He liked them.

As you can tell from my rig, I don't need the latest, greatest helium and nitrogen injected plasma permeated skis. I like the way the twin tips don't hang up on moguls, particularly when I detune them a little further toward the middle than the shop has. So my question is - were I to move up to around 95 underfoot, what would be some skis to look at and are there some that have been in production a couple years so it might be possible to grab from a year or two ago? I will probably just toss the R8s on them, although I think they are hard to find and so now a basic G3 targa I guess.

I see in the Telemarkdown another similar ski - Elan Ripstick 96.
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Re: skis - one can dream I guess

Postby lowangle al » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:10 am

Hey Oldschool If you never skied a modern rockered ski I think you are missing out. They take something fun and make it more fun, easier and safer. I have both versions of the Vector and recommend them, I would also like to try the ultra vector for their softer flex. Before my wife got her vectors she changed from someone who was just as happy touring as making turns. Now she is the one who says "One more lap."

Being that I'm turning 60 this year I figure that if I purchase one more quality ski I won't have enough time to wear them out.
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Re: skis - one can dream I guess

Postby Grant » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:59 pm

There are so many good skis around these days, it's very difficult to reccommendd a single ski. If you like K2s, which are known for being damp, make sure to pick a damp ski. No Atomics, Rossis, etc. Stick with a wood core. I agree an 'all mountain' profile with a little tip and/or tail rocker will be appreciated. Good luck, it's a great time to be alive when there are so many choices.
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Re: skis - one can dream I guess

Postby rockdaletj » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:23 pm

Agree with all of these suggestions. Try something out around 95mm underfoot with some rocker. Also...you might want to try a more active binding like a 22 designs vice.You will be amazed at the control with the T2
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Re: skis - one can dream I guess

Postby Marteenski » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:20 am

Hey OS- Like you my ski width has gradually widened from 78-85-90 mm and now I am also on the new K2 P95- bought em in Rutland from the same 75mm guru. At first I was concerned about the width and my ability to lay them over on the hardest snow but after a few days adjusting my stance, now a bit wider, they hold great on most conditions AND they are excellent in any depth of new snow- The extra metal along the edges this year makes them stout enough to carve firm, tilled mm snow and I especially like the ease with which they swivel in powder- nice, short turn radius and they come around plenty fast. Not the fastest edge to edge and a bit more effort to make jumps turns (does anyone still use those??) but that additional girth throughout the length of the ski makes them nicely stable in crud/broken powder. Not really a 'quiver of one" choice as I can't make em work on firm, frozen granular (I try to avoid those conditions anyway...) but I knew that going in- really, really nice ski in most conditions and I look forward to skiing them in spring corn- Regarding length I am 6', 190# and I am glad I followed the mantra (not the ski...) to "size up" to the 184 as the effective contact length is quite a bit shorter- skied them in the woods at Stratton on thin cover and they came around plenty quick in soft mogul glades- regarding "accessories', I ski the T2 Eco with molded TRace liners- call it the T2 Turbo- and I have the skis mounted with Vices- bomber bindings but I am considering up-ticking my boots to the T1. I generally modulate my turns with my ankles but it feels like I can use a bit more leverage on harder snow or above say....60MPH...
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