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Moosilauke 2016

From Mt. Washington to Big Jay what's the scoop. BC conditions, trip reports,or a great "hidden gem".

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Moosilauke 2016

Postby Cmcdangle » Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:40 pm

I've been hoping to get up there for the last few weeks and my patience has run out. I'm sure it won't be soft powder up top, but I guess you never know till you go see for yourself. Anybody make it up that way recently? Looking at Saturday, though the weather shows there might be some actual snow falling saturday night. Hopefully, I'll have something to report later this weekend.
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Re: Moosilauke 2016

Postby underbrush » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:02 am

Moosilauke is pretty much a hike right now. There might be a little snowfield up top but my guess is that you would be carrying ski's up and down the mountain. A lot of rain and warmth this week and there wasn't much snow in the area before that. The snowfield up top is really only a few turns of vert but can be fun to traverse and ski across the whole upper mountain ridge. The top of the carriage rd can be fun and snowy at times but the bottom, especially in low snow has tons of water bars and can be quite annoying on skis. It also faces south and melts, glops and crusts more than other trails. I've been on the carriage rd several times the day after the storm on bluebird days only to get my first tracks turn into a gloppy mess before I even head down, probbably good corn run though! There is more of a nordic loop that starts near the Ravine lodge called the Al Merrill loop which is a ski trail. It climbs quite a bit and is really quite fun, it's one of my favorites in early and late season low snow and dust on crust times. Still it's probably hardly worth it right now and pretty icy and bony bare everywhere up there right now. With all that being said it's still an amazing place to adventure with incredible views and pretty reliable snow, usually, and worth the trip, I'd bring regular hiking stuff too. It's also helpful to look on NewEnglandTrails.com for pretty up to date conditions on alot of mtn's. Just saw a report from tuesday, before the rain. Also the hikers have been loving this winter of low snow and have everything pretty torn up from a skiing perspective. Weather looks good though, have fun out there!
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