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Quebec's tele festival

What's going on in the east. Festivals, Clinics, workshops...you name it, if it's at all telemark related post it here.

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Quebec's tele festival

Postby Rene-Martin Trudel » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:21 pm

Hey there,

A few hours drive north of the border, Quebec's province as got many really cool telemark festival.

2013's first stop is La Reserve, February 2nd and 3rd. info here: http://www.skilareserve.com/home
With a 1000' vert, This is a classic small resort with PLENTY of local flavor. I just love it.

February 9-10, Le Massif welcomes you at: http://www.lemassif.com/en/planifier/evenements/840/rendez-vous-telemark
This is THE highest vert in eastern Canada at 2200'. Come for the mountain, the snow and the view on St-Laurence river that is just breathtaking. This my home mountain and make sure to let me know if you come. :)

February 16-17, Mont Comi host the OLDEST telemark festival in the province, celebrating it's 30th anniversary. Here: http://www.mont-comi.ca/en/events.php A small mountain with a nice head-wall, the size and the quality of the snow is just perfect to create the ambiance that makes this stop a classic.

Finally, Mont Edouard will host it's festival March 8 to 10. After a break last year, the return of this very popular festival is expected by many including me. With a nice 1500' vert this mountain is deserved by 2 fixed chair. And the terrain's got nice trees, steep and raw terrain. The big plus is the mogul run under the chairlift that really create the festival renowned ambiance. here's the website but it's is only in french: http://www.montedouard.com/
Be sure that people there organizing, like any place in the province most likely speaks English, or at least will try to help you the best they can.

Unfortunately, all those festivals are in a tight schedule so it is unlikely for one to attend all. If you only have one to try, honestly, there all very cool. Just pick one according to your schedule and forecast...

I will gladly help anybody get the information around all those festivals.


Rene-Martin Trudel
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Rene-Martin Trudel
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Re: Quebec's tele festival

Postby seb » Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:39 pm

Having attended all of them in the past, my favourite is definitely Comi :) It seems to have always had amazing snow the years I've gone there...

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Re: Quebec's tele festival

Postby Brenda » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:19 pm

Thanks for sharing these! Would love to get up there. Not sure this year will work for us, but something to think about!
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