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Cardigan 4-2-17-The Car Wash

From Mt. Washington to Big Jay what's the scoop. BC conditions, trip reports,or a great "hidden gem".

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Cardigan 4-2-17-The Car Wash

Postby capecodtele » Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:17 pm

Went to Cardigan and got a late start on Sunday arriving at noon....which worked out good for parking since the earlybirds were gone leaving space up close. Very warm and blue bird sky. They got at least a foot of new snow from the storm, so it was also good to get a late start so the skin track was well packed. Headed up the Holt and Holt Clark cutoff to the Alexandria. Got completely soaked with a combination of sweat from having too much clothing on as well as the car wash going on the holt-clark cutoff from all the snow melting off the fir trees...it was like getting sprayed with a slush ball every few feet. The ski down the Alexandria was really quite good...nice soft snow wall to wall with some nice soft moguls on the steep areas. Lots of people and dogs up there having a great time. There is great coverage in there, although yesterdays warmth and today's rain may put a big dent into the snow pack. Tried to ski out the Kimball but only a few had gone down there and I had to straight line it the whole way to keep any forward progress. Got out of the woods around 2:30, stripped down to dry off and then headed to Waterville to demo some new skis...Overall a really nice tour on a beautiful day.
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