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Stratton, VT 3/4/18

What's it like at your area? Just skied somewhere and it rocked (or not)? Let us know.

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Stratton, VT 3/4/18

Postby Go Fish » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:59 pm

While I was feeling sorry for myself during the last soggy Nor'easter where we got nothing but torrential rain, I used an on-line radar feed to figure out how far I would need to drive to get to a hill that got snow. That place turned out to be Stratton. They picked up 14 inches.

While driving there today I was amazed to see how well defined the snow/rain line was. Over the course of about 2.5 miles it went from bare dirt to winter wonderland. The conditions at Stratton were pretty awesome. Most everything had been groomed and the surface was like butter. It has been quite a while since I have made turns on natural snow...it rocked. I was skiing with my 76 year old dad so I didn't jet a chance to try any of the steeper stuff but the blue runs were fast and fun hero snow. You could do no wrong. My skis tracked through it like they were on rails.

It looks like they could get another foot from the Wed/Thu storm this week. I may have to head out there again...
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