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Wachusett 2/27/14

What's it like at your area? Just skied somewhere and it rocked (or not)? Let us know.

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Wachusett 2/27/14

Postby Go Fish » Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:45 pm

I roll up and the lot was not even half full. Happiness.

I put my boots on in the bar and it was jam packed. Strange.

The first run was on perfect machine churned granular but the hill was really crowded. Happiness...but strange.

The granular was scraped to hardpack and ice over the next 5 runs and I called it quits after my ski tips were run over by an out of controll hunyock while standing still 10 feet uphill from a lift tower. Slightly grumpy.

It all came together in a flash as I was walking out to my truck. There were 5 charter buses with NH plates waiting for people to board in the staging area near the front of the lodge. MA vacation week is over but NH vacation week is in full swing.

Good conditions but to many people.
Go Fish
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Re: Wachusett 2/27/14

Postby snowmonkey » Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:20 am

Go Fish wrote:Good conditions but to many people.

That seems to describe just about every experience I've had there this year. That, along with the part about almost getting run down by some out of control yahoo. Is it just me and have I simply developed some fierce dislike of Wachusett that taints every trip I take up there, or is that just how it is? I have a silver pass, so I normally end up going in the evening. My SO and I have been exploring other ski areas within driving distance on the weekends, and I just don't seem to see the craziness I see up there at the other places.
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Re: Wachusett 2/27/14

Postby Go Fish » Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:04 pm

I think the key is to accept Wachusett for what it is.

On the minus side:

It is a hill, a good sized one but it is not a mountain.
It is really close to the largest metropolitan area in the surrounding 5 states.
It can get so crowded that the bar is the only safe option.

On the plus side:

It is really close.
The snowmaking is incredible.
The grooming is better.
Passes are cheap.
If you have a pass and there are a bunch of ass holes taking up space...a couple of runs and a couple of beers is just fine.
Go Fish
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