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Wachusett 2/13/14

What's it like at your area? Just skied somewhere and it rocked (or not)? Let us know.

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Wachusett 2/13/14

Postby Go Fish » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:36 pm

I knew it was going to be a good snow night at Wachusett when it took me over an hour to cover the 16 miles from my office to the house. I have never driven in white-out conditions in the daylight before. The snowfall rate was truly impressive. After doing battle with the driveway I made it to the hill a little earlier than usual. The place was deserted. I parked in row 1.

Smith Walton was being groomed as I got my boots on and I was up top in time to get a run in lightly tracked courderoy. It was like butter. There was not a hard spot to be found. I essentially followed the groomers for the rest of the night as they did 10th Mtn. and Conifer. It was the first time that I truly understood what kind of conditions my Atomic Theory skis were made for. They excell in loose, light and only slightly lumpy snow. They are only so-so in harder snow but they are bouncy and playful when they can get a big bite of soft snow.

The precipitation went weird on us at about 7:00 it wasn't rain and it wasn't snow...sort of like freezing fog. It got to the point where you had to stop a few times on the way down to scrape the ice off your goggles. In spite of the fabulous conditions I threw in the towel for fear of getting up close and personal with a tree or other skier at high speed.

WaWa is in rare form right now.
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