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Sugarbush 12/21/13

What's it like at your area? Just skied somewhere and it rocked (or not)? Let us know.

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Sugarbush 12/21/13

Postby snowday » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:01 am

The Bush was warm and springlike today....was skiing really nice until 11.30 when the rain moved in. The kids and I stayed at Lincoln all day and it was a lot of fun with fast snow and decent coverage. At the top of Super Bravo chair it was wicked fog but about 1/3 way down it cleared. My 7 year old wanted to poach a short connector trail so we have that going for us! I was pretty toast by the time the rain hit anyway so it worked out well. Temps were much colder last night but its raining this morning again.
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