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Suggestions for Advanced Drills

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Suggestions for Advanced Drills

Postby Brenda » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:33 pm

Looks like Sunday it may warm up enough to soften things at Wachusett, so to try to keep things interesting, I'm looking for some advanced drills to work on. Some of the things I already do are delayed lead change, extension/retraction, and of course, monomarks. I can do all of them well, so they don't really present a challenge. If there are bumps I'll be working there too.

I've never been able to ski just one one ski (can't say I've worked that hard to do so), so any suggestions there would be helpful. For some reason, it's a goal, and it would be a handy skill to have. I actually have a friend who lost a ski in the Jay bc and had to ski out on one ski. I would have been screwed. (Yes he found it in the Spring.)

What other advanced drills do folks recommend?
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Re: Suggestions for Advanced Drills

Postby smarini » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:37 pm

Pivot Slips and whirly birds to work on flat ski skills.

Monomarks in all types of turns and terrain.

Railroad tracks parallel then tele.

Ski switch

Lots of others depending on what you want to work on.

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Re: Suggestions for Advanced Drills

Postby Williamtele » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:50 am

I heard last weekend up at Bromley Micky and Karen and Keith were working on early edge change starting from the feet (metatarsal bones). Certainly sounds tough.

Other drills:
Lazy Susans - very quick edge/lead changes on fairly flat terrain
Dyslexic's Dream - 3 alpine turns, 3 tele, 3 monomark, 3 reverse monomark, reteap

Here are a bunch from who knows where. You can turn any of them into "advanced."

Balance Activities -Walking, climbing, sidestepping. Straight runs. Herringbone. Leaping. Skating. Striding/Shuffling. Heisman drill
Rotary Activities – Lift ski and twist while standing. Twist against pole. Hop while twisting. Step through turn. Stridey twisty turns on flat. Hop and twist with lead change on flat, leapers.
Release and Turn Entry Activities – side slipping, side slipping on one leg, patience turns, one legged skiing, parallel turn with tele finish, pivot twists.
Lead changes – sequencing with wedge, Christie or parallel. Timing w/slow, medium, fast combinations. Change duration of lead change. Monomark and reverse teles.
Tilting – while standing tilt ankles and knees up/downhill. Then with thighs and hips. Ski on inside ski and hold up outside ski (Tasse). Try extreme angling. Try increasing edge angle with flexion/extension.
Pressure activities – Skating movements, tap outside ski through turn, leapers, shuffle turns, make outside/then inside leg dominant, weight/unweight, suction turns.
Poling activities – pendulum, touch/not plant, 10/2 and 3/9, phantom poling.
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