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I DO have the b*lls to tele

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:29 pm
by jayc
I had a well-documented and oh-so-tragic ACL severing telemark incident last season. I had a reconstruction (thanks, dead guy!) and lots of gym time, and was excited for the start of this season, though I didn't know if I would get back onto the teles any time soon - scary. I've also been in the midst of rehabbing a CMC joint ligament reconstruction due to a dislocated thumb (tough year). Anyway, I was forced to miss the early season antics due to an insurance snafu delaying my custom ACL brace - don't dare ski without one of those. Delay begat delay - and I STILL don't have approval for the damned thing, and am now in my 5th week past my long-ago stated 'absolutely need it' deadline. The lousy warm weather kept me from going crazy, however, but I finally succumbed to the ski gods. Since the Obamacare-corrupted insurance industry was conspiring to keep me out of a brace, I built my own. I took my old full-length post-op brace and rebuilt it, making it sport-brace size. I also re-formed the struts to follow the contours of my leg, keeping it small enough to tuck inside a pair of ski pants.

SO - I went skiing Jan 1,2, and 3...real easy at first, and on my downhill rig (I did get a brand new pair of mogul-bashing skis for this season - K2 Chargers in 181). I took maybe 4 runs the first day - legs and knee felt good and strong, and my DIY brace felt good too, but I didn't want to push it. I did probably twice as many runs the next day - again legs felt great, I liked the new skis, but my knees were starting to get a little sore, and I felt a few twitches of reduced control getting on to run 8 or so, so I called it before I got myself in trouble by doing something stupid - and I'm great at doing something stupid. On day 3, I grabbed the teles. I only wanted to go for an hour or two to get home early, and I knew that I probably couldn't do much more than that on teles, 'course knowing that I was crazy for getting on teles at all, especially given the icy conditions, but couldn't help myself. It was another 4 or 5 run day, but again my legs felt surprisingly good. I wasn't right on top of the technique for the first run or two, but it came back and I was skiing the steeps with aggressive short-radius turns in no time (not before tiring out my legs though). It got pretty icy, however, and I had a few sketchy calls - ultimately giving up while I was still in one piece, which I think was the right move. Don't know if I'll pull them out again next week, but I'm definitely back in the game!

Re: I DO have the b*lls to tele

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:03 pm
by flyingcow

Glad to hear!