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Re: Skiing in the trees

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:55 am
by ernestinematheny
Even I had this misconception that we need to put hips in a constant position with the skis . After reading this thread my doubts are solved. Now I'll be trying this definitely when I will be going to location ski montgenèvre for skiing in this winter season.

Re: Skiing in the trees

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:20 pm
by oldschool
Thanks Biff for pointing out this section - amazingly I've not looked here and man there are lots of great threads.
I just looked through this one and will have to review it again to extract some finer points -

Here are my two additions -

Ski a short enough ski - maybe a twin tip. My first set of skis were longer (194s or so) and had a square tail - fun of carving big arcs but not fun in bumps or in the trees. A little shorter makes for a lot more maneuverable. I ski K2 Piste Pipes - an old model that I picked up for cheap but the twin tip in the back does not hang up nearly as much. world of difference.

Other thing and I bet I will catch s#it for this is don't be afraid to parallel, particularly if you're skiing in woods that have been carved up already or boarded a lot. As most of us know, a key to control is dumping speed at the right times - stopping at the top of a hill rather than carrying speed over the edge to build still more momentum or dropping some speed out in a little let up to the slope - all these make sense to help control - those are places you'll naturally start to place turns that will serve to help control speed but if you feel yourself starting to haul ass and don't want to - drop a parallel turn or two on your edges - once I started doing this glades that had been tracked up became a lot more fun. I still have plenty of turns, but can ski more continuously with a lot more control. Purist - no. Realist - yes - and beats a broken arm.