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Forum Rules and VIP code for registration

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Forum Rules and VIP code for registration

Postby admin » Fri May 26, 2006 10:42 am

Welcome to the Telemarkeast community forum. We officially opened January 23, 2006. We hope that this will become a comfortable home base for telemark skiers from all parts of the country and world.

There will be a few rules that we hope you all will understand and follow. NO flaming! Courtesy is expected. Please treat other posters as you would a friend. If you disagree, please go after the message, not the messenger. Anyone abusing this rule will be warned and abusive posts and threads will be edited or pulled. The telemarkeast staff reserves the right to decide if a post is inappropriate for this forum. We also reserve the right to de-activate a members account if we feel that they in any way harm the sprit of this forum. Moderators will occasionally change and guest moderators are welcome (contact us if you are interested in being a moderator). Please feel free to contact the moderators with any problems, complaints or suggestions. We hope all will help contribute to making telemarkeast a welcome place to post.


P.S. In order to register on this forum you will need to enter a password in the registration form (VIP code). Please email staff@telemarkeast.com and we will send it to you.

Also- the forum sends you an e-mail that you then click on to authenticate and be a bona-fide member. Look for that e-mail as some have told us it disappeared into their junk filter. If you don't get the link send an e-mail to admin (at)telemarkeast.com and we'll fix you up. (If you are returning to the forum after an extended leave and are having trouble logging in, try emptying your browser cache.)

We would really like to see more folks using (and posting on!) this forum. If you are still having a problem drop an e-mail to Seb or Biff and we will try and steer you clear. (staff@telemarkeast.com)
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