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Possible winter or summer meet up spot?

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Possible winter or summer meet up spot?

Postby oldschool » Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:51 am

Hey, I just wanted to share a place that I've stayed two years now and a business that might be nice to support.

Just outside Lake Placid on the way to Keene Valley is Cascade XC ski Center - they have a great shop and a set of groomed trails out the back. Also, they have a bar/lunch area with a fireplace and chili - meat and veggie - available. Craft beer from Ausable Brewing company was on draft - 2 kinds. The shop rents skis and has a wide selection of all kinds of XC skis to backcountry. For tele they have a few boots and bindings but all are more on the tour or moderate side - bindings are G3 or Rott R8s. They have Voile bindings and goodies too. The bar is not open after 5 pm - it's really just for lunch for the skiers. There are "dorm" style accommodations downstairs which I've stayed in twice now - basically a room with bunk beds that are comfortable enough and a bathroom, shower down the hall. Room doors lock too if you want to leave valuables in there for some reason. There is a common space upstairs that has a little fridge, toaster and a hot pot to heat water. I brought a french press with me. The common space is big enough and you can hang over in the bar area too during the day - windows that overlook the XC trails and you can see Mt. Marcy when it's clear. The accommodations are no-frill for sure - they provide you a pillowcase and pillow - you bring a sleeping bag and towel. Cost is $ 40. per person per night reservable via Airbnb. In addition to the ski trails right out the back door which connect into other trail systems in the Lake Placid area, the drive to Whiteface is all of about 20 minutes or so. Lake Placid is a 10 min. drive into town. Super convenient place that is clean and warm and no-frills.

Perhaps next year some people on the board might like to give a meet up a shot ? Schedules and weather are always tough but it could be worth a try - nice XC trails to play on, close to backcountry access all over the place, great shop to buy gear. I like supporting brick and mortar places like this - this place reminds me of a place I used to ski at where I grew up in the Lehigh Valley - Terry Hill - it was a bunch of XC trails on a hillside, nicely laid out, even with some lights for night skiing, and rentals. It's where I first tried XC and caught the bug. Closed for years and years now, but those places really helped bring the sport to the states.

Oh, yes, Cascade also has a book in the common room - it is the official 1980 Olympics preview guide - it is an awesome publication that had the development and history of every event with highlights of the top folks over the years. I saw a picture and read a story about Anders Haugen - a guy who got a medal despite a misscoring in the olympics he competed in for Nordic combined. They discovered the oversight like 30 years later and gave him the medal then. My first pair of XC skis were wood Asnes Tur Lundgren or something like that (yes, pine tar the bases) and the boots were leather Haugen Sunfjelds - a lowcut shoe but it did the job. Of course I had wool knickers and wool socks too. Cascade sells those skis and pine tar too, in case you are looking for some.

Other option - I can check about whether the dorm area is open in the summer - could meet up there for cycling and/or hiking if people are interested.
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Re: Possible winter or summer meet up spot?

Postby flyingcow » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:55 pm

Gotta share in the Cascade XC love. They're a cool crew, and have some really impressive technical chops in the shop. I didn't know they had boarding downstairs. I'm usually at Tmax-n-Topo's Hostel right down the road. Hopefully this snow will hold until April. I'm gonna be over there for a while then.
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Postby recedinghairline » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:36 pm

not looking to derail but would wonder if any here go to Prospect in VT
..looks like a nice place with nordic C&D vibe
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Re: Possible winter or summer meet up spot?

Postby phoenix » Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:38 pm

And it's a minute or two to the ADK Loj Rd, and the primary trailhead to the High Peaks. Marcy, Wright, Phelps, Marcy Dam, and many other classic skis.

I can vouch for the integrity and vibe of the place, having worked there the last four years I lived in the Adirondacks. I gather it's changed a little since I left there (around 2001) but from what I see much is for the better... at least the food part. I imagine the shop is much the same, and employees were always dedicated local skiers (including the owner).
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