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do your Twenty Two Vice bindings ever eject?

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do your Twenty Two Vice bindings ever eject?

Postby naturallight » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:22 pm

So I'm really liking the performance of my Twenty Two Vice bindings, but I'm starting to get a little paranoid because they never eject during a fall (they did eject once this year on a regular turn when I think I had too much snow and the binding didn't snap in properly). I learned to tele on some old G3 bindings, and they ejected just fine during my wipeouts. But the Vices have a lot more metal on each side of the toe, which seems to inhibit spinning out of the binding. I don't think the back clasp on the Vice's are too tight--in fact, I loosened the settings to the point where my boot will move slightly in the binding when I swing my skis on the lift. But they still don't eject. Last week I took a horrible fall and woke up the next day with two sore knees.

I don't know too much about gear. My questions are:
(1) Should the Vices be ejecting during a fall?
(2) If I need something safer, should I look at the G3 Enzo or are these NTN versions better (I guess NTN would mean getting new boots)?

Any help is much appreciated! thanks!
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Re: do your Twenty Two Vice bindings ever eject?

Postby flyingcow » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:31 am

The only 75mm bindings designed to release were the Voile CRB and to a slightly lesser extent, 7TM. If your G3's were releasing reliably, you had them too loose and you risked losing a ski while skiing. The G3 Enzo is not releasable either. If you want releasable, you need to find old CRBs or 7tms or switch to NTN. None of these is a DIN certified release mechanisms. Typically you don't worry about release in as many conditions with tele gear because your heel is already released which gives you some mobility in a fall. My NTN bindings have only released once, but it was the only time I would have hoped for them to release.

Hope this helps!
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Re: do your Twenty Two Vice bindings ever eject?

Postby naturallight » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:22 pm

wow, learn something new every day. very helpful, thank you so much!
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Re: do your Twenty Two Vice bindings ever eject?

Postby Biff » Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:27 pm

I will add this... I have had some twisting falls and have come out of my hammerheads. In fact one time I was cruising along, hit some soft snow under a snow gun, and stopped dead. Well at least my skis did. I on the other hand went flying out of my bindings, ripped out the safety straps, did a full flip in the air and landed on my ass. A ski patrol guy saw it happen and came over to see if i was Ok. When he saw I was we both just started laughing looking back at my skis which seemed to be glued to the snow.

Now, those were hammerheads.I would imagine the Vice bindings would be the same. All that said, I still would not count on ejecting.
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