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Seeking ski recommendations

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Seeking ski recommendations

Postby iraomc » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:51 pm

Hi. I'm looking for a new pair of skis, the perfect pair, the quiver of one, for the northern New England backcountry. Tele skiing of course. Never in resorts but once in a while cutting through a cross country center. I'm looking for something to mount with a voile 3 pin cable binding, lightweight, with a radius of around 20, and maybe 75 mm give or take underfoot... Basically, I ski stuff from rolling terrain (think avalanche brook trail, or Skytop ridge, for example) and then steep chutes (like Tuckerman's) often in the same day. I like the journey as much as the destination and I am not looking for a totally downhill oriented ski. I think it is a damn shame when I see people trudging along with skins on their fat AT skis when they could be cruising along enjoying the whole process, not begrudging the flats and hills. But sorry, I digress; this is not a philosophical post. I'm looking for something that will take wax and cruise on flats, but also perform well going down. My ideal ski s the Atomic tm 11s, from like 2004. I like the amount of camber that they have and they are the perfect union of styles for me. I also have used Goodes (not enough camber) Atomic ultimate 78s (not enough camber) voile vectors (too heavy and clunky) movement apple x series (which I liked, but I broke one... and not quite enough camber), rossignal bc 65 (too much camber) and fisher s bounds (too much camber) I know I'm picky but I cant be the only one out there searching. I would also like to but another pair of Atomic tm 11s if anyone has any! And I love any advice or info on skis! Thank you!
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Re: Seeking ski recommendations

Postby TeleTimII » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:43 am

Hey---I have a pair of Dynastar Alititrail in a 175 that seem to fit your needs. They are alpine camber 75mm at the waist and not too heavy. Let me know if you are interested. Oh ya-never been mounted.

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