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Old bindings new ski's

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Old bindings new ski's

Postby gibbser » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:49 pm

I decided to update my setup from the early 1990's. I dont get to ski much anymore so my gear has held up somewhat okay. I am still sking my Merrill Super Comps, I had my 75mm Voile's mounted to some Solomon SE 8000s 200cm. I bought a pair of Volkls to mount my old bindings on, however the chord center is very close to the balance point (within 1cm) but even if I put the 3 pin line 2 cm ahead of the chord center, the boot center on the ski is 5cm ahead of the boot center on my super comps.

I havent mounted tele bindings since the 90's and my solomons I put on the alpine boot center. Everything I read and have been told is to mount the 3 pin line 2cm ahead of the chord center, or stick with the alpine boot center. 5cm's seems like a large play area. Anyone mount 75mm bindings to a pair of Volkl Snow Eagles? I know even the ski I am upgrading to is old (2008) but I wanted to step up a little at a time and budget.

Any help would be greatly Appreciated
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Re: Old bindings new ski's

Postby Fisheater » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:33 pm

I just mounted my old alpine boards (Volkl G-21 Vertigo) boot center to alpine center mark on ski. I have not turned them as of yet so I can't tell you how it will work. I can say that you mount a kick and glide ski on the balance point generally for optimum K&G. Chord center is generally a bit closer to the tip, and offers improved turn initiation without ruining glide. The boot center mark is where the ski manufacturer directs you to mount for optimal downhill performance. When skis were skinnier there were reasons to mount a ski further back to keep the tips up in powder, but now it seems like people prefer to go on the boot center mark. It made sense to me. BTW I mounted a couple sets of backcountry k&G skis recently on BP, and they perform nicely there for K&G.
Good luck,
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