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Quiver Killer Inserts - installed

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Quiver Killer Inserts - installed

Postby BadDNA » Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:43 pm

Background: I've recently swapped from 75mm to NTN (Vice to Outlaw) and bought a second pair of skis for next season but didn't want to spring for another full set of bindings yet. I looked at both the Quiver Killer and Binding Freedom inserts and ultimately bought both the QK Starter Kit which includes tools and a Re-Up kit for my second pair of skis. Both kits come with the epoxy and thread-lock you'll need to get the install done. Things you should have that aren't included: acetone to clean the machined threads on the inserts and any epoxy mess, drill press or power drill, nitrile gloves (acetone and epoxy aren't very skin friendly), masking tape, pencil, template for your binding of choice, #3 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers, tap handle.

Opening the package: Everything was well organized in small packages, inserts, screws, install tool (bolt with a pair of nuts), drill bit with stop, tap, stir sticks and epoxy trays, epoxy and thread-locker. There were no instructions in the box but those are available for download and printing on the QK website. Basic stuff, no moving parts, everything was included in the right size and quantity to get my bindings mounted. If your skis have a metal layer you'll almost certainly want a tap handle to get the threads cut.

Instructions: Easy to follow. If you're even slightly mechanically inclined you shouldn't have any issues getting the job done. No complaints here.

Installing: Since I was making a swap with another set of bindings that use the same hole pattern there really wasn't anything to measure. Set the depth stop on the drill bit to slightly longer than the length of the inserts and make the existing holes a touch bigger. Use the included tap to cut threads in the holes you've drilled. Clean out the chips as well as you can and apply the epoxy. The included epoxy has a long enough work time to let you be patient. I found the best way to install the inserts was to thread the install tool most of the way into the insert and tighten the nuts down on top of it, then use a wrench to turn the insert into the threads that were cut into the ski. After the insert was flush with the top of the ski you can then back off the nuts and unscrew the bolt. Once the inserts are all installed move on to binding install. Leave the skis for 24 hours at a minimum for the epoxy to cure (this is where I am now) then unmount the binding, apply thread-lock to the screws and reinstall. Give the thread-lock some time to cure and take them skiing.

Conclusion: The installation was dead simple. I've never mounted a binding before but other than the measuring for a new mount this is the same process. I should get out for another day or two this season, I don't suspect I'll have any issues but if I do, I'll report back.

Edit: I pulled the bindings this morning to add the thread-lock and everything is solid. The inserts held firm and none of them budged when I backed the screws out. Everything looks good. Heading to Cannon to ski them tomorrow.
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