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Crispi Evo and World Cup

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Crispi Evo and World Cup

Postby Erik » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:48 pm

The challenge of boot development for the NTN binding, was to develop a flex that was right for the binding's power. Garmont found this to be difficult with the three-buckle Prophet, which was essentially the Voodoo with the 2nd heel or "Duck-Butt". This boot, which is still made by Scott, doesn't satisfy many skiers as it's perceived to be "bringing a knife to a gunfight". They're generally too soft for NTN, the bellows are too mushy, and the last of the boot is too narrow for many skiers. The Voodoo was fine for 75mm for which it was designed, albeit the last is quite narrow and a pain for the bootfitters to size.
Crispi produces 2 four-buckle boots for NTN- The Evo and the World Cup. The Evo is generally considered to be a mid-stiff flex, while the World Cup is stiffer. If you're a recreational skier, the Evo should be ample for you, but if you're pushing really hard and are a bigger guy/girl, or a racer, the World Cup might be the one to pick. The big difference between the Crispi's and the Scarpa's is that Crispi uses a different style of "bellows" known as a "bubble style" that has no visible hinge like the accordion-style that Scarpa uses. The "bubble-style" has a bit more range of motion and is notably more "active" according to most who have skied both. The bubble always is gently pushing back so you get a nice registration from the boot as to what the ski and binding are doing. If you're a Scarpa skier, this can take a bit of getting used to, as two World Cup Tele racers noted to me, although they loved the extra power and stiffness from the "World Cup" models over their old TXComps. Crispi uses carbon fiber in the boot sole to stiffen the flex in the World Cup to give it that extra rigidity and currently is the only company to do so. The World Cup and the Evo both use a custom-made "wrap style" liner which opens easily and pulls the heel back into the cup and also reduces "shin-bang". Both models ski great, but if you're a lighter skier or just like a lower cut boot, the three-buckle Crispi Shiver should be a consideration, which also employs the wrap liner and the "bubble-style" bellows.
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Re: Crispi Evo and World Cup

Postby flyingcow » Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:09 pm

Ya know... The bellows were the one thing I really enjoyed about my Prophets. I think them combined with Freedoms gave you a really nice feel. It was insanely solid laterally, but it still felt like a telemark binding. I switched to TX Pro's due to the heel slop I got in the Prophets, but I miss the softer feel on my charger BCs. Some day, someone's going to figure out how to make a really good touring setup for NTN. 2-3 buckle with a nice soft feel axially, but with the lateral stability of a tank like the current NTN boots and bindings offer.
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