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Lightweight Hardshell Telemark Setup: TTS + Scarpa F1

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Lightweight Hardshell Telemark Setup: TTS + Scarpa F1

Postby Nurse Ben » Fri May 24, 2013 3:21 pm

I scored some of the now discontinued Scarpa F1, a rando race boot with tech fittings. These boots are quite light for a nylon shell, available in three different set ups from "Regular" with a full nylon tongue, Race version without a tongue (nylon skirt keeps out the water), and Carbon Fiber Race with a CF cuff and no tongue. The CF version is AMAZINGLY light, but it didn't fit my leg and I wasn't sure it was worth the price.

I bought the Regular set up, which is more appropriate for downhill on moderate terrain. This boot is loosely based on the old T2, so the fit is narrower than a TX/T2 Eco. Mine weighed in considerabley lighter than the same size TX. The cuff and tongue are softer than a typical hard shell boot, so between the soft flex and the excellent cuff lock out and walk mode system, this is one great boot for climbing and hiking.

Granted, this is not a big ski/big lines kind of boot. The F1 is geared more toward longer tours, moderate slopes, rolling terrain where a patterned ski like the Rossi BC is more adept. I'd say that if the Evo is the downhill boot, the TX is the all around boot, then the F1 rounds out the boot quiver with something that will get you there in the greatest comfort with the least amount of effort, and still provide a good ride on the way down.

Note that there are two "versions", the older version with a reddish sole and a yellowish shell, and the newer version with a black sole and a lime green shell. The newer version is a tad more stout.

I'll be using these lovelies on our trip out West, pics and a proper on snow review to follow...

And of course, the F1 will only work in tech bindings and the Telemark Tech System.

BTW, I am now entering my thirdish season skiing Telemark Tech Bindings and I have not had any binding failures, binding tear outs, and I am still quite satisfied with this system :)
Nurse Ben
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Re: Lightweight Hardshell Telemark Setup: TTS + Scarpa F1

Postby Haydos » Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:38 pm

Hi Nurse Ben, Sorry to hijack.

I've just posted a question on the forum, but if I may ask you here...

What are your thoughts on NTN or TTS for mostly resort set up?

On a scale of 1-10 in aggressiveness as a skier i'd say i'm about a 7. I like HH pos 4 with older Crispi CXP's although the boots are now shot/too soft.

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