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UPDATED AGAIN: Now Free or BRO leather boots, skis, bindings

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:18 pm
by Pinnah
Leather tele/touring boots, AT & tele bindings, metal edged tele/backcountry skis, edgeless XC skis.

Really... get this stuff outta my house and put it to use.

Boston area pickup strongly preferred but pickup in Vermont and NH might be possible.

Please contact me directly at pinnah dot dave at gmail dot com

Asolo Snowfield - size 13 - $40 or BRO
These are 3-pin touring boots. Fairly recent solid resole. Uppers are soft but in good condition. These run a snug 13. My feet have grown and I no longer fit them.

Asolo Extreme - size 13 - $40 or BRO
These are lace up 3-pin boots with stiff high uppers. They good for rugged touring a turning with narrow skis. The were resoled by Dave Paige but I think they used crap glue. The soles are good condition but I don't have complete confidence in their bond to the midsole. Uppers and liners are in great condition.

Salewa AT Bindings - Free
This isn't a binding for hard down hill skiing but it will work with any welted boot so it will make usable approach binding. Comes with DIY mounting template. Here is a write up from Lou Dawson's web site: ... g-binding/

Voile Plate - Free

Voile Wedge - Free

Fischer Rebound Crown - 189 cm - 88/60/78 - $80 or BRO
No wax. Very good condition.

Black Diamond Toute Neige - 203 Cm. - 74/60/64 - $75 or BRO
Waxable. Good condition. These are as long as an old Cadillac, have about the same turning radius but oh my word, they have the same ride. These have homemade double mount t-nut lifts for pins but in a previous life, were drilled for Voile plates. No bindings.

Kneisl Tourstar - 190Cm - 90/70/80 - $75 or BRO
Waxable. Very good condition. Classic old-school AT touring ski. Can be skied well with 2 buckle plastic boots. No bindings.

Karhu Lookout - 160 Cm - 73/60/67 - $50 or BRO
Compact no-wax. Full metal edge Very little use. No bindings. Drilled for telemark pin bindings.

K2 Two - 188 Cm - 100/70/88 - Free
These aren't pretty but they don't suck. Nice round flex. No bindings.

Karhu XCD GT - 220 cm - 65/55/60 - Free
Waxable. Metal edged touring classic.

Asnes Wooden Skis - 185 CM - $20 or BRO
Madshus Wooden Skis - 195 CM - 57mm tip - $20 or BRO
Both are good condition. If you've not ever skied on wood skis, you should. It's an entirely different experience.

Karhu Pioneer - 175 Cm - 65/55/60 - Free
No wax. Edgeless. Well used but still serviceable. No bindings.

Fischer Super Crown - 210 cm - 50mm tip - Free
No wax touring ski. Good for skiing in tracks.

Rossignol Caribou - 213 cm - 58/50/53 - Free
Waxable touring ski.

ImageUntitled by Pinnah, on Flickr

ImageUntitled by Pinnah, on Flickr

ImageUntitled by Pinnah, on Flickr

Re: UPDATED AGAIN: Now Free or BRO leather boots, skis, bind

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:29 pm
by Pinnah
Shameless bump to note price drop. All iterms are either free or best reasonable offer.

Save this stuff from a landfill.

Re: UPDATED AGAIN: Now Free or BRO leather boots, skis, bind

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:09 pm
by North816
PM sent....