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Atomic TM EX with G3 bindings - 184

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Atomic TM EX with G3 bindings - 184

Postby Williamtele » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:27 am

One pair of Atomic TM:EX skis - 184 with G3 Targa bindings. Dimensions: 116-84-108. All mountain goodness. Skis have some blemishes on the topsheet but bottoms are in like-new condition. They were recently professionally tuned and have not been skied on since. The bindings are totally functional. The skis were donated to our kids' tele program at Waterville Valley and are too long for us to use. We're trying to upgrade our "fleet" so we're selling some gear. I'd like to get $125.


I bought the ski in a 184 cm length w/ Rainey Hammerhead bindings this fall,
and ski them with Crispi CXP's. I weigh 195 lbs & am 6'2" and 42 years old.
I would say I'm an 8 to an 8.5 on a scale from 1 (beginner) to 10 (expert)
tele skier, with average aggression (a bit more than average for a 42 year
old with free heels). I ski both backcountry and areas. Enjoy powder the
most, bumps the least. I like turns of all radii, but favor tight
"carvers". However, I like to tuck & run when the slopes aren't crowded and
I can live out my Franz Klammer/Bill Johnson/Tommy Moe fantasies.

In the backcountry...the ski floats well and turns on a dime when I need it
to in the tight trees (just as tight as my Tua Megas). I appreciate its
crust busting abilities, better than my Megas and Tua Cirques, or Asnes
A-Skis. It is a heavy ski (even for a fatty), but I don't really notice all
that weight as long as I keep the ski on the snow when slogging in and up on
a skin & ski day trip. No complaints when side hill skinning with shaped
skins on all but the firmest windblown. It doesn't feel too squirrelly at
speed in the powder.

On the groomers...carves fine in most everything except very firm to icy
conditions. Speed can bring out a squirrelly feeling for me. However, it's
hard for me to leave my Rossignol Attack's in the truck when the conditions
are getting close to the firm side of things. Busting crud and skied out
pow is pretty fun on these boards...a lot of confidence there. The tips
don't get thrown around by much. It also has a good springy feel to the
rebound. Don't know how they do in the bumps, but I'd be the last person
you want an opinion from in that area...I also have 42 year old knees.

They were pricey boards, but after skiing on them this season, they would
still be my first choice for a backcountry day or multi-day ski, or a powder
day at the area, especially if I always had access to my Attacks for most
days on the local hill.

PM for pictures. Thanks, Bill P.
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Re: Atomic TM EX with G3 bindings - 184

Postby Williamtele » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:52 am

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